The time travel box

By Alex Lin

                                   Chap 1

  One day, Mrs. Anderson brought her daughter to the jewelry. Her daughter saw a beautiful box.

When they got in the store, Mrs. Anderson talked to the shop assistant Mr. Henry. At that time, Mrs. Anderson’s daughter Elizabeth heard a scary whisper. The whisper said to her: “Over here, over here, at the window. Come, come over here, at the window, come over here, Elizabeth, at the window. Now, open the box, open the box…” That voice was like a magical power. Don’t know why, Elizabeth obediently went over there. She found the box. That box was just the one that she saw while she walked in. She started to open the box. Mr. Henry saw that she was opening the box, he was scared: “Hey! Don’t open that box!”

  It was too late.

  A blinding white light shot out from the box, and straight to Elizabeth! In a blink of an eye, Elizabeth disappeared!

                                    Chap 2

Ah! My daughter! Elizabeth! Where are you?”Mrs. Anderson started crying.

  “Quick! Call the cops!” Shouted Mr. Henry.

  A few minutes later, the jewelry was filled with cops.

  “What happened?” The cops asked Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Henry.

  Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Henry told the cops everything they talked and everything that happened.

  “It’s impossible crime?” Everyone’s puzzled.

  At this time, the detective came.

  When Simon the detective knew what they said, he laughed:“The case is so simple. Take Mr. Henry to the police station, I need to interrogate him.”

  “How about Mrs. Anderson?” The cop asked.

  “It’s okay. Mr. Henry is the biggest suspect.”

  “What? Why?”

  “Just bring him to the station.”

  “Yes sir.”

                                       Chap 3

In the police station, Simon asked Mr. Henry:”Sir, please tell me that would happen if someone had opened the box, and what’s in the box. Please tell the truth.”

  “I really don’t know. Trust me.” Said Mr. Henry with fear.

  “you know everything about that secret box, because if you don’t, you wouldn’t be so scared when Elizabeth opened the box. Just tell me everything, and then you won’t get in trouble. You will only get in trouble by hiding the truth of that box.”

  Mr. Henry was scared of getting in trouble. He said: “That’s actually a time travel box. If you saw it, you will have illusion,a whisper will tell you to open the box. When you open it, you will go straight to the pass, and change the history.”

                                       Chap 4

  When Simon heard this, he said: “Then how do you get back to present?”

  “You must say: ‘I have to go back to modern. I don’t belong to here.’”

  “What are we waiting for? Let’s get Elizabeth back!”

  Simon the detective went back to the jewelry and told Mrs. Anderson about the box.

  “I’m going in to get my daughter!” Mrs. Anderson said loudly.

  “Me too!” said Mr. Anderson, which is Mrs. Anderson’s husband said.

  “No, you stay here, I’m going in.” Mrs. Anderson said and opened the box.

  The white light shot out again and straight to Mrs. Anderson. She disappeared.

                                        Chap 5 

In the pass that Mrs. Anderson and her daughter went was 80 B.C. There was a war.

  Mrs. Anderson was so scared that her daughter was killed by this war. She kept shouting for her daughter: “Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Where are you? Elizabeth!”

  A small voice shouted back: “Mom! Mom! I’m here! Over here!”

  “Ah! Elizabeth!” Mrs. Anderson saw Elizabeth hiding behind a stone at a corner.

  “Elizabeth, wait there! I will be there in a minute!”  Mrs. Anderson shouted. Mrs. Anderson run the fastest she could to there, an arrow went straight to her! She was hart. “Mom! Mom! Elizabeth shouted, “Mom, no!” “Elizabeth, say... I don’t belong to here, I belongs to the modern,      remember this, it’s danger when you get back. And…husband,eye,     nut,road,and yew is gonna kill us… …” Mrs. Anderson said the last   words than she died! “Mom,mom!”Elizabeth shouted. Elizabeth knew that she need help, she said the words that her   mom said:” I don’t belong to here, I belongs to the modern!” “Are you sure, you can change the histories here!” That scary   whisper said to her. “Yes, I’m sure, please send me back!” ” Well, okay.”

In a blank of an eye, Elizabeth saw her dad waiting for her.
Chap 6


“Ah Elizabeth, your save! Where’s your mother?” “Mom… …She died… …”Elizabeth cried. Mr. Anderson’s tears               fell off of his eyes. “What did your mom say when she died? Anything weird?” Said

Simon “Weird? Yeah, she said it’s danger when you get back. And…husband, eye, nut, road, and yew is gonna kill us… “ “Hum… …” Simon thinkers few minute and said,” No! Mr. Henry is a dangerous! Get him, I better get him in jail!” “Yes, sir!” The cops shouted. “Why it”s him? Mr. Anderson tried not to cry and said. “Look at the first word of each word she said.”Simon said,”Husband, eye, nut, road, and yew. It spelled Henry! To probe this is that she said it will be danger when you get back and those things will kill you so I can tell that she means Mr. Henry. If you ask why won’t she just say the names is because she is scared if Mr. Henry lied that the problem started in his store, he has the responsible to fix it and he will meet Mrs. Anderson and Elizabeth at the pass and kill them.” “Then what’s his criminology?.” Everyone doesn’t know that. “It’s because that Mrs. Anderson gambled with and lost   10,000 dolors!” A cob went in and shouted, he had check to see on an laptop. “Then the case is clear. “Mr. Anderson said,”Thanks, Simon the detector!” “Oh yeah, give me that box please, I have to destroy it, it’s too dangerous.”Simon said. “Okay, here it is.” Elizabeth give him the box.    “Thanks, bey!” Simon said as he went on a cob car and droves away. At last, everything is normal now, and the box is destroyed.

A Basketball Game

By Alex Lin

Once  upon a time, there is a four year old kid called Eric, he is cute.

   When little Eric grew up, he loved basketball, he made friends that like to play basketball, too.

  On day, Eric got invited to a basketball game.

  They started the basketball game at a court named Sunshine Basketball.

  It was a sunny day that day, they had a the game very quick, Eric’s team is winning! by five! the score was 6 to 1!

  After a while, Eric stole the ball from the other team’s hand and ran to the other teams net! However, he missed 5 open shots!

  At last, they lost by 3! 21 to 19! Eric’s friend blamed on him that Eric made them lost.

  Eric got so sad and he ran to his house, told on his parents and got them in trouble, the bullies got in trouble!

  This tells you to never bully someone, because you will make someone sad and even get your self in trouble!