Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Basketball Game

By Alex Lin

Once  upon a time, there is a four year old kid called Eric, he is cute.

   When little Eric grew up, he loved basketball, he made friends that like to play basketball, too.

  On day, Eric got invited to a basketball game.

  They started the basketball game at a court named Sunshine Basketball.

  It was a sunny day that day, they had a the game very quick, Eric’s team is winning! by five! the score was 6 to 1!

  After a while, Eric stole the ball from the other team’s hand and ran to the other teams net! However, he missed 5 open shots!

  At last, they lost by 3! 21 to 19! Eric’s friend blamed on him that Eric made them lost.

  Eric got so sad and he ran to his house, told on his parents and got them in trouble, the bullies got in trouble!

  This tells you to never bully someone, because you will make someone sad and even get your self in trouble!